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Little Brown Dog: Breakfast Blend - The Coffee of Operation LBD


Like our favorite pups this coffee has it all! We have taken two of our favorite coffees from Costa Rica, roasted them separately to accentuate their unique flavor profiles, and blended them together in just the right ratio. This coffee offers a clean balanced cup with good sweetness, medium body and flavor notes of citrus and berry, caramel, and hints of tea in the finish. A perfect cup for the “pick me up” first thing in the morning or prepared as a cold brew to enjoy during the day.

A 10% of all sales goes to this organization.

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Additional Info

Operation LBD was founded for the purpose of assisting Boykin Spaniels that are not able to be assisted by other agencies. Operation LBD is not associated with another rescue group or organization but partners with other Boykin Spaniel agencies to work toward assisting any Boykin Spaniel that needs our help. We are a 501(c)(3) agency.